Advocate for Trails at Home & at Work

Business owners

  • Encourage your employees to start walking clubs on local trails
  • Organize workplace health fairs that feature York County Trails
  • Provide matching funds for employee donations to the trail
  • Make corporate donations in support of trail development.


  • Be an advocate for trail development within your community by attending municipal meetings.
  • Speak to elected officials, at all levels of government, about the benefits of trails, including those in York County.


The Northern Extension of the York County Heritage Rail Trail appeared like a dirt path in 2011, but by 2015, the trail (at right) was ready for the public to enjoy. The money to upgrade and improve this portion of the York County Heritage Rail Trail was received from state, county, and local sources. None of it would be possible without your support.


You can also help the York County Rail Trail Authority with donations and volunteer opportunities.