Northern Extension of the Heritage Rail Trail County Park

Northern Ext of HRTCP Brochure 2017

As of May 2019, Heritage Rail Trail’s northern extension is now complete from John Rudy County Park to the intersection of Hamilton Ave and N George St in the City of York, a distance of 5.7 miles. Grades are gentle with some hills and two switchback ramps; surface is primarily crushed stone with some areas asphalt. The Heritage Rail Trail, including its northern extension, is managed and maintained by York County Department of Parks and Recreation. The County Parks’ brochure for the Heritage Rail Trail now includes this extension.

With the completion of this northern 5.7 miles, the Heritage Rail Trail is currently in two disconnected sections: 21.5 miles south of the City of York and 5.7 miles north of the City of York. The City has installed brown and white directional signs along a temporary, on-street route to direct visitors through approximately eight city blocks that separate the two rail trail sections.

The final phase to close the gap in the Heritage Rail Trail in the City of York, is currently in design and engineering by the City of York. Construction is slated for 2021-2022, at which time a “golden spike” ceremony will be planned as a public celebration of this accomplishment.

Additional information is available by contacting the York County Rail Trail Authority: Telephone (717) 428-0999 or Contact Us.