What We Do

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the York County Rail Trail Authority is to enrich York County communities and countryside through the development of a network of public trails.

We¬†develop York County Trails from conception and feasibility through acquisition of property, financing, designing, environmental permitting, construction, operating and maintaining–from the concept to a trail on the ground & open to the public.¬† We manage all phases of trail development.


The purpose of the Authority is to identify linear corridors that offer opportunities for conversion into trails, assess potential for development, and proceed with engineering and development of those corridors found to be conducive to non-motorized transportation. The Authority’s level of involvement in a trail development project varies based upon the project needs and can range from consulting to entire project management.

Technical assistance is also made available to municipalities, county and state departments with regard to acquiring, holding, constructing, financing, improving, maintaining, operating, owning or leasing trail corridors.

The purpose of the York County Rail Trail Authority web site is to inform the public of the activities of the Authority, provide the public with an opportunity to communicate with the Authority, and promote the development and responsible use of public trails in York County.