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About the York County Rail Trail Authority

The York County Rail Trail Authority is a volunteer, ten-member Authority formed in 1990 under the direction of the York County Board of Commissioners. The Authority’s mission is to enrich York County communities and countryside through the development of a network of public trails.

The Authority, which is incorporated under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act of 1945, is a political subdivision of the County of York.

Here is  where you can find the latest Meeting Minutes and our Policies and Procedures.

York County Rail Trail Authority

Executive Director: Gwenyth Loose, CPRP

Executive Assistant: Denise Tushingham

Chairman: Frank Kempf

Vice-Chair: Brandon Wingert

Treasurer: Albert Gleichauf

Secretary: Melanie Playdon

Members: Silas Chamberlin, Sean Kenney, Ed Hughes, Mack Johnson, Clair “CJ” Weigle and Ann Yost; Emeritus Members, Henry Herrman and Lori Mitrick

Solicitor: Scott Beaverson, Esq.

Engineer: Jeffrey Shue, C.S. Davidson, Inc

Authority Committees

Executive Committee – Frank Kempf, Brandon Wingert, Albert Gleichauf, Melanie Playdon.

Hanover Trolley Trail Development Committee — Frank Kempf, Silas Chamberlin, Carl Knoch, Ann Yost, Jeff Shue, and Gwenyth Loose

Hanover Trolley Trail Operating Committee — Authority Members: Mack Johnson and CJ Weigle. Municipal representatives: Clayton Black (Penn Twp), Dave Brown (Jackson Twp), Peg Moulton (Heidelberg Twp), and Scott Miller (Spring Grove Borough). Citizen Members: Kate King, Patrick Sterner, Joe Montminy, Terry Reichard, and Chris Wagman.

Planning Committee— Chairman: Carl Knoch; Authority Members: Mack Johnson, Ed Hughes, and CJ Weigle. Citizen Members: Beverly Hilt, Matt Chronister, Kathy Deporter, Corey Wolfe, Kim Hogeman, Karen Knuepfer, Denise Tushingham, Joe Kempf, Brian Greth, and Terry Steyer.

Pumpkin Walk Committee— Chairman: Carl Knoch; Authority Members Mack Johnson and Ed Hughes; Citizen Members: Kathy Deporter, Meg Fullerton, Dean Grote, Karen Holway, Todd Howdyshell, Mike Fobes, Richard Keuerleber, Brian Malcarne, Peggy Schlichter, Chris Snyder, Christine Tobias, and Chris Wagman.

Webmaster – Jarrett McAlicher

More information here:  Authority Members