2017 York County Rail Trail Awards



Presented annually to a municipal, county, state or federal government employee or elected official who has demonstrated leadership in the promotion, development, and/or management of trails at the county or municipal level in York County.  

York County Parks and Recreation receives award for Government Leader Award by the York County Rail Trail Authority.

2017 WINNER: York County Department of Parks and Recreation for (1) exceptional management of our premier rail trail the Heritage Rail Trail; (2) for on-going support of current rail trail development projects of the YCRTA, including the Northern Extension of HRTCP and Hanover Trolley Trail; and (3) for immeasurable assistance with the annual Pumpkin Walk by providing equipment and personnel to make the event a real success.  Their contributions help to keep the costs of holding the event to a minimum.



Presented annually to a York County group (non-profit, corporate, or otherwise) who through daily actions or extraordinary deeds has demonstrated an on-going, passionate support for trails in York County and beyond.

2017 WINNER: Friends of the Heritage Rail Trail Corridor for unparalleled assistance in presenting programs offered at the two train stations and along the Heritage Rail Trail, assistance with fund-raising activities that support the Heritage Rail Trail such as Christmas Magic, providing “super” assistance with the Pumpkin Walk by soliciting and serving free refreshments to all children who come to the event.  These Friends demonstrate the true spirit of volunteerism!

Members of the Friends of the Heritage Rail Trail Corridor accept the Trail Organization Award.


Presented annually to a resident of York County who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and a long-standing personal and professional commitment to York County trails.

Jarrett McAlicher accepts Trail Champion Award.

2017  WINNER: Jarrett McAlicher for designing and managing the new, mobile-friendly YCRTA website www.yorkcountytrails.org. Jarrett is a rail trail user who believes in giving back to the projects that he loves.  He gave back by offering his expert knowledge and skill to create a new, updated, and user-friendly website for YCRTA. Websites have become THE communications tool for all organizations, and Jarrett has proved himself a real York County Rail Trail CHAMPION!

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