Get Your Best Shots Now …


and submit them for the
2019 York County Rail Trail Calendar.


Entry Rules

  • Photos must be in digital JPEG  (JPG) format, high quality setting, minimum resolution
    3,300 dpi (w) x 2,550 dpi (h), maximum file size up to 3 MB, or Image should be a
    minimum of 8 megapixels with a maximum images size of 3MB.
  • Photos must include a recognizable element of Heritage Rail Trail, the Northern
    Extension, Hanover Trolley Trail
  • Email photos as attachments to
    • Place “Photo Contest” in the email subject line.
    • Include the following information in the email
      – Name and email address of the owner of the photograph.
      – Name of the rail trail in York County where photo was taken.
      – Optional: General location on the rail trail where photo was taken.
      – Optional: A brief description of the photograph.
  • Download Permission for Use of Photography Form complete, scan and attach to your email.
  • Contest Ends August 3rd, 2018.

Take a look at last years winners!


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