Hanover Trolley Trail Geo-caching Policy


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Hanover Trolley Trail Geo-caching Policy 

 The following applies to all Geo-caches on the York County lands of the Hanover Trolley Trail:

Placement of Geo-caches on land administered by the York County Rail Trail Authority on behalf of the County of York requires authorization of the Authority’s Executive Director or Authority approved designee.

A Geo-cache contact person responsible for necessary upkeep of the site must be identified prior to approval by the Authority’s Executive Director.

Before authorization can be given, a formal request must be made in writing.  The formal request must include: date, name, address, phone number, email address, group responsible for Geo-cache, longitude & latitude of Geo-cache, directions to location, website (s) where Geocache will be advertised, wording used in the advertisement(s), type of canister used to hold Geo-cache, and a list of materials located inside the Geo-cache. Accompanying the formal request must be a picture showing the exact location of the proposed Geo-cache.

There should be no earth disturbance or vegetative impact to any approved site. Nor should the cache be readily discernible by the general public.

Cache shall not be placed in a plastic (PVC) pipe.

Cache name must be clearly visible on the exterior of the Geo-cache container.  An official Geocache sticker should be placed on the container.  The cache name must be the same on the official Geo-cache sticker, identification form, and any web site postings.  Information on Geocache protocol is available at www.geocaching.com.

The cache may not be place within Natural Areas, stream banks, riparian communities, ecologically sensitive areas, unique geological features, dam structures, or unsafe areas.

Unauthorized Geo-caches on York County lands administered by the York County Rail Trail Authority will be removed and treated as abandoned property and the responsible person will be cited for littering.

Responsible party shall delete site location from all publications and/or websites within seven days of removal of the cache.

FINAL 2015-8


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