Hanover Trolley Trail Special Events Reservation Procedures


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Hanover Trolley Trail Special Events Reservation Procedures

  1. Event organizer submits a “Special Event” request in writing (mail or email) to YCRTA for use of any portion of Met Ed’s York Hanover Trolley Line corridor or property acquired by County of York or YCRTA for the staging of a public event (ex. 5 K Run, Walk-a-thon, Bike Derby, etc.)
  1. YCRTA executive director contacts event organizer to review request.
  1. Event organizer completes Special Event Reservation Form and submits to YCRTA.
  1. YCRTA Executive Director reviews request with either YCRTA’s planning committee or Hanover Trolley Trail Operating Committee, and upon committee approval, Executive Director completes bottom section of Special Event Reservation Form.
  1. One copy of the completed and approved Special Event Reservation Form is sent to event organizer; one copy is retained by YCRTA.
  1. YCRTA notifies municipality(s) within the location of the event.
  1. Certificate of Insurance must be received at the YCRTA office a minimum of 10 business days prior to event.

Special Events Form is available here: HTT Special Event Reservation Form.

Created 2014; Revised 2015

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